The Hive (La Ruche)

Documentary | 00:20 | SWITZERLAND

1 hour in the courtyard and 23 hours in the cell. In 10m2, men cohabit, quarrel, learn from each other, invent ways of coexisting in friendship, in love of their neighbor in a world where the doors have no handles.

Bio | Filmography


Salah El Amri, Director

Born in 1995 in Rabat, Morocco, Salah El Amri began studying cinema at the ESAV in Marrakech. He then joined the Geneva University of Arts in September 2015, to continue his career in the «cinema du réel» department. During his studies, he directed a short film in Havana, Cuba, which was selected for the Filmar en América Latina Festival. He left school in July 2017. For three years, he worked as a photographer and cinematographer. He notably shot the making of O Fim Do Mundo by Basil Da Cunha. He also performed his military service during which he obtained the rank of lieutenant, and where he has been responsible for performing short episodes in the schools of recruits and executives of the Swiss army. Following these experiences, he decided to resume his Bachelor’s degree at HEAD in September 2020 from which he graduated with the congratulations of the Jury with his short film Le Thé et le Temps (Visions du Réel 22). He is preparing his next short film La Ruche in the prison universe.

Filmography (selection)

La Ruche, doc, 2022 (in production)
Tea and Time, doc, 2022
El Actor Cubano, doc, 2018



Chute primé à Locarno

• Pardino d'Oro | Pardi di Domani


• est sélectionné au programme Alliance 4 Development du Festival de Locarno 2021

Menschenskind !

• Sélections Officielles à Visions du Réel & DOK.fest Münich


• Sélection au Torino Script Lab 2020


• Sélections au Village de Coproductions des Arcs 2019 & Atelier Grand Nord 2020

Putin's Witnesses

• Nomination aux European Film Awards

Tempête Silencieuse primé à Locarno

• Pardino d'Argento | Pardi di Domani

Sœurs Jarariju distingué à la Berlinale

• Mention Spéciale du Jury International

Putin's Witnesses

• Sélection Officielle au TIFF 2018
• Grand Prix du Meilleur Documentaire à Karlovy Vary

Je fais où tu me dis distingué à la Berlinale

• Mention Spéciale du Jury des Jeunes