GoldenEggProduction is a film production company created in 2012 in Geneva, committed to identifying, developing and distributing films and, more broadly, ambitious audiovisual works by filmmakers with original and unique signatures whose points of view are rooted in contemporary society. Fictions and documentaries are recognized in their traditions but also in their ability to be in dialogue with each other. There is also an ongoing interest in new generations of filmmakers and technicians, from short films to first feature films.

The novelty and originality of GoldenEggProduction also includes the consultation of third party projects. These on-demand expertise modules focus on the analysis of texts related to the conception and development of production dossiers, the preparation of pitches, production strategy and distribution strategies.


Development and production of documentary and fiction films, essays, short, medium and feature films, series.
International co-productions in network with well-known structures, television channels and companies.
Consulting: text analysis (screenplays), support for writing and development of production and distribution strategies, pitching training.


GoldenEggProduction SARL
Rue de la Filature 22, 1227 Genève
+41 (22) 343 77 26

CEO & Producer
Gabriela Bussmann
+41 (79) 257 89 94

Junior Producer
Yan Decoppet
+41 (78) 603 58 69

Project Development
Jean Perret