The Last Campaign

Documentary | 01:22 | SWITZERLAND

After four years of Donald Trump’s reign, Jonathan Katz, a Jewish activist from New York, travels across the American Midwest trying to get Bernie Sanders elected president of the United States. Committed body and soul to a revolution through the ballot box, he will find his deepest convictions shaken. During what is, for him as for Bernie, the last campaign, he meets a new generation of activists for whom this is only the first.

Bio | Filmography


Lionel Rupp, Director

Born in 1983 in Meyrin, he grew up in the Lausanne area. He studied at the HEAD in Geneva until 2009. He directed two short films La Forêt and Le Poisson, which were selected and awarded in international festivals. In 2008, he and his brother Adrien founded the transdisciplinary collective Zooscope. Since 2010, he has participated in several works by the collective that are presented in contemporary art spaces as well as in living art festivals. At the same time, he collaborates with visual artists, musicians and theatre directors.
In 2012, he co-directed with his brother Adrien Rupp Quai Ouest, based on the work by Bernard Marie Koltès. He is one of the 10 directors of Heimatland, competing in Locarno and in about fifteen other festivals around the world. He has been working for several years as director of photography for documentary films. In 2017, he directed A Campaign of Their Own, a film about Bernie Sanders’ supporters during the last American elections.

Filmography (selection)

A Campaign of Their Own, doc, 2017
Heimatland, fiction, 2015
Quai Ouest, fiction, 2012



Theatrical release

  • Premiere in Lausanne at the Bellevaux cinema on September 20, 22
  • Premiere in La Chaux-de-Fonds at the ABC on September 21, 22
  • Premiere in Carouge at the Bio cinema on September 22, 22
  • Premiere in Oron cinema, September 24th 22
  • Premiere in St-Croix, at the Royal on September 25, 22
  • Premiere in Neuchâtel, at the Minimum on September 30th 22




Written & directed by
Lionel Rupp
Lionel Rupp
Hiroshi Hara
Nicholas Osborne
Assistant Director
Greg Pescia
Editing & Dramaturgy
Lionel Rupp
Sound Mix & Sounddesign
Adrien Kessler
Robin Erard
Graphic design
Cedric Gottet

Produced by
GoldenEggProduction | Gabriela Bussmann & Yan Decoppet

In coproduction with
Zooscope | Lucas Grandjean

Swiss Distribution


Sortie romande de Laissez-moi

• Dès le 25 octobre au cinéma

Flores del otro Patio candidat aux EFA

• Eligible aux European Film Awards

Laissez-moi en première mondiale à Cannes

• Sélection à l'ACID du Festival de Cannes

Flores del otro Patio & As Sacrificadas sélectionnés à Soleure

• Section Panorama & Eligibles au Prix du Cinéma Suisse

Flores del otro Patio primé à Winterthur

• Prix du Meilleur Film Suisse

Chute primé à Locarno

• Pardino d'Oro | Pardi di Domani


• est sélectionné au programme Alliance 4 Development du Festival de Locarno 2021

Menschenskind !

• Sélections Officielles à Visions du Réel & DOK.fest Münich


• Sélection au Torino Script Lab 2020


• Sélections au Village de Coproductions des Arcs 2019 & Atelier Grand Nord 2020

Putin's Witnesses

• Nomination aux European Film Awards

Tempête Silencieuse primé à Locarno

• Pardino d'Argento | Pardi di Domani

Sœurs Jarariju distingué à la Berlinale

• Mention Spéciale du Jury International

Putin's Witnesses

• Sélection Officielle au TIFF 2018
• Grand Prix du Meilleur Documentaire à Karlovy Vary

Je fais où tu me dis distingué à la Berlinale

• Mention Spéciale du Jury des Jeunes