The artist and filmmaker Marina Belobrovaja narrates the story of the conception of her daughter with the help of a sperm donor. Sometimes irritatingly direct, sometimes cheekily controversial, but always very close to herself and her protagonists, Menschenskind! takes a look at different concepts of parenthood in her entourage.



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Marina Belobrovaja (1976) was born in Kiev (UDSSR), immigrated to Israel, and studied fine arts in Germany and Switzerland. Her multimedial projects explore the borderline between social reality and artistic practice and reflect political phenomena in a provocative and ironical way. They are motivated by themes such as labor conditions, consumer behavior, and legal issues. Her work was presented at numerous exhibitions and festivals in Switzerland and Europe. She lives with her daughter in Zurich.


Warm Glow, documentary film, 2014

The DNA-Project, artistic multimedia research project, 2012

Multikulti-Tours, artistic multimedia project, 2011, artistic multimedia project, 2010

Dinner for Two, artistic multimedia project, 2009

Öffentliche Abschiebung, video installation, 2008


The Jarariju Sisters awarded at the Berlinale

• Special Mention of the International Jury

The Dispossessed

• Theatrical release on January 16th

Dressed for Pleasure

• Special Mention of the Jury at interFilm Berlin
• Watch Replay on ARTE

Putin's Witnesses

• Best Documentary Award at Stockholm IFF
• Swiss theatrical release on October 10

Putin's Witnesses

• Official Selection at TIFF 2018
• Grand Prix for Best Documentary at Karlovy Vary IFF

Dressed for Pleasure awarded at the Berlinale

• Special Mention of the Youth Jury