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How do we make sense of our lives when we leave childhood behind? Can that child we were still live and survive in the adult we become? These are the questions I confront in my film. I make use of a place: a farm populated by childhood memories, scene of a hypnosis session lived at the age of eleven. This landscape serves as a trigger for me to explore layers of consciousness. My film is about returning to the scene of my childhood, a re-discovery in situ – a memory, a dream, a trauma under hypnosis.

Director: Camille de Pietro
Production: GoldenEggProduction
Cinematography: Gabriel Lobos
Editing: Thomas Bertay
Sound: Sergio DaCosta
Sound mix: Philippe Ciompi
Sound Editing: Adrien Kessler
Colorgrading: Raphaël Frauenfelder

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Camille is a twenty years old student. When she was only a child, she literally fell in love with the filmmaker, Charlie Chaplin, her first contact with the cinema world. It is in high school that she will begin making films, in a workshop hosted by her school. Once her first film finished she decides to dedicate herself fully to her passion which has become cinema.


La cuisine des rêves, fiction 10′, 2012
Nature Humaine, fiction. 4′, 2011
Marie la Monochrome fiction, 8′, 2009


The Jarariju Sisters awarded at the Berlinale

• Special Mention of the International Jury

The Dispossessed

• Theatrical release on January 16th

Dressed for Pleasure

• Special Mention of the Jury at interFilm Berlin
• Watch Replay on ARTE

Putin's Witnesses

• Best Documentary Award at Stockholm IFF
• Swiss theatrical release on October 10

Putin's Witnesses

• Official Selection at TIFF 2018
• Grand Prix for Best Documentary at Karlovy Vary IFF

Dressed for Pleasure awarded at the Berlinale

• Special Mention of the Youth Jury